Ed's Gardening with Ev

Ed put the potting soil in the bag, he used peat moss.  

Added the internal tube for water to go to all parts of the hanging garden.

Cut slits in the heavy plastic and inserted the plants.  

I carried it home.  Hung it in the kitchen and watered it.  

It is filled with flowers, basil, and cilantro.  I enjoy breaking basil and cilantro in cooking 

Used 4 cilantro, 4 basil, 6 flowers plants for the flower garden.  

My first attempt with the hanging garden by

I took one of Vibeke's hanging garden bags over to Ed's today. 

With the type of gardening that he does he forgot about us condo and apartment people. 

When I showed him what I wanted to do he was excited and helped me put the little plants in the potting soil as it needed to have done.  We learned that smaller plants are easier to plant.

I have hung it in my kitchen window to watch it grow.
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