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This was written November 2, 1925, Santa Barbara, CA by Jack Mendenhall's mother when she was age 12.


1. Way out in California, among the hills so tall

Stands the town of Santa Barbara,

That they thought would never fall,

And then one fatal morning,

Just before the break of day,

When all the town lay sleeping

The hills began to sway.

2. Then mountains and buildings trembling

And went crashing to the ground,

The town was all in darkness,

And light could not be found:

There were wives and children screaming,

And dying everywhere:

And all the people were praying

"O Lord please hear our prayers"

3.  Then day light found the people,

With sad and aching hearts

They were searching for their families,

That the earthquake tore apart,

But some of them lay sleeping

Beneath the fallen stone,

And their lips were closed for ever,

Never more to cry or moan.

4.  It's just another warning,

From God up in the sky:

To tell all you good people,

that he still reigns on high,

We cannot tell the moment,

When he will take us home,

And we should all be ready

Before the time has come.

Remembrance from Kathleen (age 12)

Our thanks to Jack for sharing this.

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