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Nestled in the streets of Buellton is a little known place.  Jack's Gas-Up Museum.  Anything that has to do with the American's love of the automobile.  Be it racing memorabilia, racing cars or road signs.  But what is the real main stay of the museum is the Gasoline Pumps and all that goes with it.  Oil cans, signs on and in the gas stations, etc.  Globes are lit and to think that these glass pieces sat on the top of the gasoline pumps and they have survived.   People of yesteryear didn't seem to delight in breaking  things as they seem to now.   

Remember when we bought oil in this type of can?  Had the pouring spout that you bought separate?

Mendenhall Museum houses a collection that is fun to visit and spend time with the owner.  Jack and Will tell the tales of the signs and all are well worth listening to.  Jack's collection of the license plate is interesting.  He has one from every state in the year of 1932.  Before Hawaii and Alaska were states but, has a license they used at that time for their cars. 

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