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Mia Nelson, 16, Danish Maid 2012


 1amerflg.gif (12791 bytes)Welcome to Solvang CA.
Velkommen"        in Danish. 
No passport needed to visit the little Danish replica village.) 

   The gentle rolling hills, windmills, quiet streets, horse drawn carriages, family bicycles, golf courses, horse ranches, wineries, Danish bakeries, authentic Danish costumes worn by some shop keepers,  Danish smorgasbord restaurant, museums,  and Solvang history, in the Danish atmosphere and architecture are waiting for you.  Car and Motorcycle Museum.  
We welcome your visit to SolvangCA!

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Solvang, CA
1683Copenhagen Drive 

Look Good?
How to make aeblesiver video.
 Order Chef Arne's Pan, Mix,  Raspberry Jam 
Arne Hansen book:
 "A Glimpse In Time From Solvang Restaurant"

See this, recently found, old, possibly 1962. video
of Solvang CA. gasoline museum private. 
Home of Dry Lakes Racing,GasUp, Hall of Fame  


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Solvang is in the Santa Ynez Valley
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All can be reached within 25 minutes of pictu
resque driving.  
(phone area  805) We have taxi service from the Santa Barbara area to Solvang.  Taxi  

Ed Ando our gardener 080517a   80517b  080517c  080517d         Picture Gallery 080616 Ed's garden .cherries  - Saturn Peaches, Plums are green and look like grapes they are so plentiful.  Stop and smell his roses.

  How to Fold the United States of America Flag.ed

NEW: Are you looking for your heritage from Denmark? Try here: www.familyresearch.dkrA

Santa Maria, CA Fire Fighters & Bent Axels
Axes & Axles Car Show May 4, 2013
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