Wings and Wheels Santa Ynez Valley visit - July 2000 Also see for more car things.

Joe as he patiently waited for the arrival of the cars on Saturday.  The only time I saw him stand still.  Great Job JR!

The wings and wheels had a meeting in Santa Ynez on Sunday (I didn't get any photos) but, on Saturday they had a picnic in Lompoc with JR's Catering from Buellton.  Now I didn't have any idea where to put this fun event so you have your own special showing.  I'll just let you enjoy the event again with the photos.  Check around for yourself or your friends.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful cars with us.  We enjoyed them.

Bob and Margaret of Solvang enjoyed the shade of the trees.  

We didn't stand in line very long.

Look at the wonderful food!

Fixing those BIG  1/2# hamburger 

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