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I  can`t find your guest-book anymore. Have you removed it from your web-site??

As a guest from Denmark last year I want to express my wife's and mine satisfaction with that magnificent town SOLVANG. And a special thank to the minister of the Bethania Evangelical

Lutheran Church because he opened the church for us so that we could see it inside.

Also we want to thank the restaurant "Bit o` Denmark Restaurant" where we had a splendid buffet and the staff was very friendly and polite. You can't get it better here in Denmark   - I'm sure. 

Even if I'm 72 years of age and my wife a little younger it is our greatest wish to com back again sometime. 

Erik Riis Nielsen, Denmark.



Hi! I just wanted to let you know that your website
prompted me to go to Solvang with My Fiance this past
Saturday. I've been all over the US and I thought I'd
definitely seen everything there is to see in
California, but this was great! I live in Anaheim next
to Disneyland and all the usual tourist Garbage, so
our favorite escapes are usually places like Monterey
Bay ect, and we loved Solvang even more. We had great
food, bought great stuff, and just enjoyed the
peaceful, friendly atmosphere. If I may make a
suggestion, Put more pictures of Solvang on your site!
I thought it was going to be neat looking, but when we
got there we discovered it was Just BEAUTIFUL! We're
looking forward to going again next month and perhaps
even again in the spring. I have two questions, You
know that poster that you see all over Solvang about
Gorm the old and the descendants? Where can we get one
of those? My other question is about the storks, There
were a LOT of storks! Why so many storks?
Thank you Solvang for a great time!
-J & I