Los Olivos fire alert 2007
another fire is in the Los Olivos area.  The Sedgewrick's Ranch is burning, with 2,000 families on alert to evacuate.  2007, 10-22. 

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Alex Asta lives in the hills of Los Olivos where the fire is threating the homes. 

The Fire Crews have taken the time to set up a map of the fires progress for
all to see in the Park in center of town of Los Olivos.
 A couple of photos of this lovely park and one of the local post office. (July fire)

We gave Solvang some billing with the flags and clear blue skies. 

Click on the photo for a larger view.  070717   Home to Solvang

Why Isn't Wood part of the "Green" Enviro Movement?
The dirty truth is this--more trees were destroyed in the recent Zaca fire in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties then were cut in California in the past year. If those trees had been harvested instead of allowed to burn (allowed, due to failed forest management policies of the Left) we would have renewable sources of construction material, not over 100 square miles of burned land. The Left prefers to waste energy on other items in our daily lives--from their policies on diapers to the hand driers in restrooms. The Left is into change, not into true environmentalism. To them, anything that cuts a tree is bad, even if the alternative is worse. This article explains the contradictions of the Left, between ideology and scientific realism. Pass this on to your friends. Let them know that trees are good and that science, not politics should decide our policies. Taken from a article sent to me.  Good thoughts.