Santa Maria Style BBQ

Top block beef (any size you want)

Rub with Santa Maria Style spices*

Over hot oak coals lay your meat on the grill.  Cook to the tenderness you enjoy.   This is so easy.  Hardest part is getting the coals hot. While this is cooking we quite often put some chorizo on to grill and of course, eat this while we wait for the meat to get done.  We pass the cooked and cut chorizo or sausage out to our cooks and friends of the cooks - actually anyone who is hanging around the BBQ pit.

Top block cook for 1 hour or your preference.  Cut in chunks and serve. 

Serve with: Salsa, Santa Maria Beans, toasted garlic bread on the grill, lettuce salad, and drink. 

* Santa Maria Spices purchased: Email $9.95 + S/H

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