Buellton Mixer in September was at the English Garden Buildings corner of Av Flags and 246.   Our thanks to Michael and Mary Roberts for being our host at a wonderful evening.  The food was superb - again Dennis Kitchen, Mark Mendenhall and crew did a Fantastic job.  The light didn't help us with the photos this evening - we thank everyone for smiling.  Thanks Michael for the trumpet solo - always enjoy hearing you play. 
Solvang Home

When we arrived we found this sign.  I don't know how far a km is but, I noticed we had a lot of good brews to choose from. 

Flags were at 1/2 mast and several people were wearing Flag Tee's.
Norm Williams was kind enough to let us photograph him.  Thanks Norm.

Michael our host is busy mingling with his guests.

The building tended to give us shadow lines that were interesting patterns on the subjects. 

Pete Robertson made for a interesting photo.  Now is that a "o" or a "e"?

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